May 24, 2008

My Craft Desk

IN PROGRESS... So this is the latest state of affairs on my craft desk in the midst of beginning a scrapbook page. I like to keep the desk more clear so I do that as much as possible before I start and after I finish. I find that I avoid the desk if it's a big mess. There's already so much going on in the room that I'm more inspired to work when I have a clean space!

TIDY VS. ON DISPLAY... So honestly, I prefer the look of everything being nicely tucked away when I see other people's super tidy spaces. But practically speaking, I find it more helpful for me to see my supplies when I'm working. Otherwise I forget what I have and then forget to use it.

SHOPPING AND CULLING MY STASH... Every so often I go through just about everything and cull out what I haven't used it. This is great, because I get rid of what I don't need and I'm reminded of the great stuff that I forgot I had so, in a sense, it's like going shopping each time I purge.

INSPIRATION ON HAND... Before I start every project, I look at other projects that I like to help me get inspired. I get stumped when I just look at a blank sheet of paper. Anytime I see something I like, I cut it out or print it. I find that it's useful to keep copies of projects that use stamps that I have with the stamps so I'm instantly reminded of the nice ways that other people have used the supplies I already have.

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