April 25, 2008

Birthday Gift for Dad (part two)

I make a lot of homemade gifts. This is one that I made for my dad for his recent birthday. It's a wood block that I covered with Club Scrap patterned papers that represent different parts of his personality: the explorer, the teacher, the collector, the lover of life, and the family man. I used
  • for "explorer": papers, stickers, and stamps from the CS Time & Space kit
  • for "teacher": papers and stamps from the CS Science kit
  • for "collector": papers and stamps from the CS Fossils kit
  • for "family man": papers from the CS English Garden kit, Making Memories rub-on letters and "Love" stamp
  • for "lover of life": papers from the CS Aromatherapy kit and Stampin Up stamps
I applied the papers with Club Scrap's bookbinding glue to make sure the papers were really stuck to the wood. After I applied all the papers and stamped them, I applied Mod Podge decoupage glue to seal everything. Then I added some dimension with various doodads: the seashell, metal charms, a watch part, etc. I just mailed it to him and can't wait to hear what he thinks. :]

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